• THE POLICE MUST ASK FOR YOUR PERMISSION TO SEARCH YOU unless you are a suspect or you are arrested
  • THE POLICE CAN FRISK YOU ANYTIME, which means they can pat down the outside of your clothing without your permission
  • IF THE POLICE STOP YOU FOR ANY REASON, the first thing you should ask them is “Am I being detained?”
  • NEVER PLEAD GUILTY TO ANY CRIME WITHOUT TALKING TO AN ATTORNEY and getting professional legal advice
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OPEN THE DOOR.  Remember, police sometimes lie about the reason they want to talk with you.
  • IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT, YOU MUST OPEN THE DOOR.  But you should ask them to pass the warrant under the door, so you can read it before opening the door.
  • EVEN IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT, you still do not have to answer any question until you see an attorney.  But you should tell them, “I wish to remain silent until I can speak with a lawyer.”


  • DO NOT RUN or try to evade the police in any manner. Stay calm, and keep both hands in plain sight.
  • TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEO RECORD THE STOP, but only if it is safe to do so.
  • ASK THE OFFICER  “Am I being detained”, but don’t answer any questions. If you aren’t being detained, you may leave.
  • TELL THE OFFICER YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO SEARCHES but don’t resist if they insist.
  • DURING TRAFFIC STOPS, remain calm, turn on your emergency flashers, and proceed slowly to the side of the road.
  • AS THE OFFICER APPROACHES YOUR VEHICLE, roll down your window and keep both hands on the steering wheel.
  • NEVER REACH FOR YOUR LICENSE OR REGISTRATION until the officer tells you to do so.
  • IF THE OFFICER ASKS TO SEARCH YOU OR TO SEARCH YOUR CAR, politely say “I do not consent to searches”
  • IF THE OFFICE GIVES YOU A TRAFFIC TICKET, sign the ticket and save your arguments for court.
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